Add ENS/SNS Domains to Websites on IPFS
You can host any website in a truly decentralized way by using DNS on IPFS. This means your website becomes censorship-resistant, immutable, and hosted on a decentralized network.


Gather IPFS + decentralized domain on 4EVERLAND
With 4EVERLAND services, you can enjoy Ethereum Name Service domains and Solana Name Service. Sync your decentralized domain to the IPFS website and get the content updated for future deployments. Implementation of ENS and SNS into your DWeb and DApp can leverage the benefits of the Open Web for your users.
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Solana Name Service
The Solana name service's mission is to provide a decentralised and cost-effective method of mapping domain names (.sol) to on-chain data. This on-chain data could be anything from a SOL address to IPFS CID, images, text, and what have you.One of the most obvious advantages of the name service is the ability to map a human-readable name to a SOL address. (e.g 4everland.sol).
How to use the SNS domain?
You can easily connect an Solona Name Service (SNS) domain with your IPFS site and have the content automatically update for future deployments. You can quick learn how to deploy and add Solona domain from the right GIF pic. The benefit of SNS is that it has much broader applications the same as ENS domain (Note:If the domain does not belong to anyone you will be redirected to the SNS Dashboard to buy it.)