The PaaS of Web3.0

A Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage and other technical features.

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Global Acceleration
The consensus-driven Swarm network, improves network throughput massively and high availability, provides more efficient and fast Web3.0 access for global developers.

Decentralized gateway

Distributed storage

Data I/O optimization

Privacy Protection
4EVERLAND does not require KYC, that ensures user anonymity and data security.

Anonymous account system

No centralized database

On-chain payment

Distributed Storage
4EVERLAND builds a Swarm distributed storage network to achieve data availability and reliability.

Distributed PIN with global multi-node storage

TEE-based Proof of Storage Challenge (PoSC)

Based on IPFS network



4EVERLAND forms nodes into a huge storage network through Swarm technology, which relies on node cooperativeness to achieve persistent storage of specific data, and supports horizontal expansion of nodes.


The gateway nodes contain dynamic DNS, Data I/O, and Cert Manager modules. With simple configuration, developers can achieve safe and reliable global acceleration based on 4EVERLAND quickly.

Proof of Storage

4EVERLAND builds Swarm distributed storage network based on IPFS protocol and proposes storage challenge proof PoSC based on TEE technology, to ensure the availability and reliability of data.

Smart Contract

The smart contracts module of 4EVERLAND mainly includes payment contracts, auction contracts, lending contracts, control contracts,etc. It achieves open, transparent and free decentralized governance through smart contracts.


Gateway Provider

The gateway provider provides an access acceleration service for DWeb by deploying gateway node.The gateway provider is acquired through the same auction process as the storage provider, and successful bidders are awarded a gateway provider seat and enjoy network rewards, as well as developer payments for traffic.

Storage Provider

Storage Providers participate in global Swarm construction by deploying Storage Provider programs; they participate in Storage Provider Auctions to obtain Storage Provider Slots. If they succeed in the auctions, they can obtain Storage Provider Slots and enjoy network rewards.


Challenger challenges all Storage Providers to proofs of storage, wait for feedback from the challenged providers, announce the response of challenged providers to the community, and propose to punish inactive providers.


Developers are the core users of 4EVERLAND who use the 4EVERLAND developer applications, such as publishing DWeb through Hosting App or publishing content through @4everland/cli, and pay storage and traffic fees to the network.

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V1 Quark:The Paas of Web 3.0

Genesis Product, Realizing a cloud computing platform with distributed storage of content, global access acceleration, and global node collaboration.

Q1 2021

Market research and product prototype

March 2021

Product Design & Technology Development

May 2021

Establish 4EVERLAND Foundation and technical community

June 2021

Whitepaper published, 4EVERLAND official website launch

August 2021

ALPHA Launch
launch 4EVER-HOSTING, enable Dweb hosting function

November 2021

BETA Launch
launch gateway node, storage node, and data analysis system

Q1 2022

Online auction system, participate in genesis node bidding


Mainnet launch
enable cloud computing platform with global node synergy



V2 Proton: Enpower Web3.0 developers

Upgrade commercialization capabilities, launch in-depth data analysis systems, Web3 website development templates, digital marketing systems and more products to provide developers with better services.



V3 Atom: Cloud Computing of Web3.0

Launch virtual machine container, acquire capability of Web3.0 cloud computing

Where we're going

4EVERLAND is a great place to pursue developers' ideal paradigm for Web 3.0, releasing them from the shackles of centeredness completely and creating more robust and secure services. We hope that more developers and scholars will join us along the way to build a globally accelerated, forever-linked network service for more users using 4EVERLAND, which is a distributed, highly efficient, self-motivated, and low-cost cloud computing network. Witness the radical change in server architecture together and the giant technical leaps in Web3.0.