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Free Resources
4EVERLAND offers a certain amount of free network bandwidth, build minutes, and storage space for each new user until free resources run out. Any excess resource consumption will be invoiced according to the price details. You could also customize individual purchases based on resource consumption.
Bandwidth Build minutes IPFS storage Arweave storage
100GB/month 250Min/month 6GB-25GB 100MB-200MB
Resources Pricing
The following billing standard applies to both the direct purchase of resources (upfront) and wallet balance debit (postpaid) - Global users
Resource Type Specification Standard Pricing
Bandwidth Bandwidth 0-100GB Free/Month
100GB+ $10/100G
Build minutes Build minutes 0-250Min Free/Month
250Min+ $3/100Min
IPFS Storage 1GB+ $8/100G/Month
Storage duration 1 Months+ Settlement method
Arweave Storage 0-100MB Free
100MB+ ≈$0.55
Network Support
Polygon, Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum are accepted by 4EVERLAND.
Usage cost calculator
Select a monthly plan and get a transparent estimate of your usage cost.
1M 500GB
Build Minutes
1Min 5000Min
1M 500GB
1M 500GB
$ 0.00
usage cost
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