Dear users:
Since 4EVERLAND HOSTING went live on 16th August it has shown great popularity in a short period of time, with many applications already deployed by developers in 4EVERLAND Web Hosting Services.
Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 4EVERLAND First Landing Event with 50 million 4EVER tokens and limited NFT rewards up for grabs.
4EVERLAND's First Landing aims to reach outstanding developers and help them efficiently develop Web3.0 applications, encouraging the deployment of applications in 4EVERLAND.
Developers from all project stages are welcome to join this global event and all you have to do is deploy your website in 4EVERLAND to get a share of the massive reward pool.
*You must have a github account created before 8th September, 2021
Events Information
The event starts at 00:00 15th September UTC and the event ends randomized between October 7th and 14th UTC for further official notice.
There are a total of 50 million 4EVER deployment token rewards available for developers during the First Landing event. This is broken down into
• Deployment Rewards
• Total Users Rewards
• Invitation Rewards
• Developer Grants
*2000 4EVER for each developer who deployed projects on 4EVERLAND before 8th September as Early Adopter Rewards.
*To show our thanks every 4EVERLAND account member will receive 1 NFT reward
Reward rules
There are a total of 10 million 4EVER tokens available for developers during the First Landing Event. To qualify you must have: • Used a GitHub account created before 8th September • All developers who successfully deploy a project during the event period will have their account rewarded with 1000 4EVER tokens at the end of the event. • 2000 4EVER tokens will be awarded to those who customize their project with a domain name. *Tokens are only awarded once per account, per address and first-level domain name.
There are also a total of 10 million 4EVER tokens available based on your project’s total number of visits to your project. All projects that meet the deployment criteria will be eligible to win a share of the total token reward pool. This is calculated on individual project visits divided by the total number of visits across all projects. *Tokens are available to the developers who meet the deployment criteria up to an event total of 10 million. Maximum total for one (1) project is 100,000 4EVER tokens. *Deployment criteria: You must connect your domain in order to claim total user rewards.
You can win your share of 4EVER token rewards by simply following the 3 easy steps below to invite new developers to 4EVERLAND: • Email an invitation link to new developers to register from your authorized account • The invitee must click the invitation link and complete their registration to 4EVERLAND • The invitee must also have a github account registered before 8th September and must deploy one or more projects as per the deployment criteria. *Reward count is based on a weighted average divided by the number of valid invitations during the event with the counted share of 10 million of 4EVER tokens at the end of the event.
20 million 4EVER sponsorship tokens will be available to qualified projects for their long term development. All 4EVERLAND HOSTING projects are welcome to apply for Development Grant. To be eligible for the Development Grant you will need to: • Connect your domain name to the project • Add the text 'Powered by 4EVERLAND' on your website footer • Fill this form: *This event is valid until all rewards are given. Plagiarism and illegally copied project are not qualified for Grants.
Terms of service
• 4EVERLAND reserves the right of final interpretation of the First Landing Event and the right to determine the rules and rewards.
• Unfair competition scalping, plagiarism or any malicious competition is not allowed. 4EVERLAND retains the right to disqualify participants.
• Deployment rewards and Total users rewards are available only to members with GitHub accounts registered before 8th September, 2021
• Please submit your ETH wallet address to claim your rewards within a week after the end of the event.
• Any 4EVERLAND system related issues please report to
• Join 4EVERLAND Discord to find solutions if you have problems using 4EVERLAND services and report any bugs related to 4EVERLAND will be rewarded in the 'Bug Bounty' event.