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No restrictions on sharing NFT
Share your NFT anytime, anyway, and anywhere. Designed for you, beautiful, vibrant, and brandable.
Fast and reliable
Wait times are the worst part of any encounter. We ensure that NFTs are fast and reliable for everyone.
Easy to use
Uploading a file is easy. We are here to support you if you have any questions.
BUCKET is Open, Powerful, and Dedicated to You
Upload & Pin Files to IPFS Smoothly
Upload your files to IPFS smoothly with our UI, CLI, or SDK. The built-in pinning orchestration in our platform makes uploading and pinning files to IPFS a breeze.
Build the Next Unicorn
BUCKET was designed for developers. We offer APIs and SDKs that will empower you whether you're building an app, an NFT marketplace, or everything in between.