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4EVERLAND Bi-Weekly (September 27, 2021 - October 10, 2021)


Date: September 27, 2021 - October 10, 2021

Technical Progress


  • Set the corresponding browser title according to the page route @DONE
  • Added a prompt of A record or AAAA record conflict when adding a first-level domain name in the project settings @DONE
  • Solved SSL certificate generation problems @DONE


  • Performance optimization, solved high memory usage problem @DONE

Proof of Storage Challenge (PoSC)

  • Reviewed and improved PoSC and data ledge module code @DONE
  • Tested on new nodes, issues found and solved @DONE
  • Improved the deployment process handbook and related tools @DONE

Community Work

  • 4EVERLAND First Landing Event was officially launched on September 15th.

As of today, we have over 22000+ users deploying using 4EVERLAND hosting services. The First Landing Event is still ongoing, you can still continue to participate in the Total User Rewards and Invitation Rewards. Thank you for your participation and support! https://www.4everland.org/firstlanding

  • Announcement on First Landing Event released on September 27th.

In the First Landing Event, 4EVERLAND team found some abnormal deployment behaviors going on. From using robots, malicious swipes, and plagiarism to other abnormal activities. We would like to remind you all that we will be implementing multiple cross-checking tools from IP address checking, device ID checking, to behavior checking methods. The accounts that are found guilty will not be eligible for any rewards, according to 4EVERLAND rules. https://link.medium.com/AtgoKISggkb


4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage and other technical features. Based on IPFS and the underlying technology of Ethereum, 4EVERLAND is committed to providing a distributed, highly efficient, self-motivated, and low-cost data hosting gateway, and becoming the infrastructure for millions of Web3.0 developers and applications.

  • 4EVER-STORAGE: 4EVERLAND connects nodes into a huge storage network through Swarm technology, which depends on node cooperativeness to achieve persistent storage of specific data, and supports horizontal expansion of nodes.

  • 4EVER-GATEWAY: The gateway nodes contain dynamic DNS, Data I/O, and Cert Manager modules. After simple configuration, developers can achieve safe and reliable global acceleration based on 4EVERLAND quickly.

  • Proof of Storage: 4EVERLAND builds Swarm distributed storage network based on IPFS protocol and proposes proof of storage challenge (PoSC) based on TEE technology, to ensure the availability and reliability of data.

  • Smart Contracts: The smart contracts module of 4EVERLAND mainly includes payment contracts, auction contracts, lending contracts, control contracts,etc. It achieves open, transparent and free decentralized governance through smart contracts.

  • 4EVER-HOSTING: 4EVER-HOSTING is a developer application, available from the official website of 4EVERLAND. Developers can deploy web application resources to the 4EVERLAND gateway as a DWeb through the visual interface (Hosting App) or the command (@4everland/cli).